Tyrol Lodge 2016/2017 Christmas and New Year’s Booking

As you know, members of the SSV can get the reduced room rates and priority booking for the Tyrol Lodge. For the busy Christmas and New Year’s season, however, there is a special booking procedure in place. Please read the instructions make sure you download and use this “Member Booking Form“.

It is the responsibility of the Swiss Society Vancouver (SSV) members to provide a valid email copy of their current SSV membership to benefit from Tyrol Ski & Mountain Club member rates and priority Christmas-period booking at the Tyrol Lodge. Failure to do so will result in the Tyrol Lodge manager applying the guest rate to bookings, and non-member booking rules will apply in the Christmas holiday pre-booking period.
Every SSV member receives a membership confirmation email when they renew their SSV membership. If you misplaced your 2016 SSV membership confirmation email, then please contact Susanne Wilson at members@swiss-society.org or call 604-888-6949.

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