Join us – The Vancouver Swiss Choir

Join us The Vancouver Swiss Choir
Fall is upon us and we are looking to a new season of singing. With this new beginning we would like to you joining us.
We all have left Switzerland for one reason or another. We have traded the old way of living to seek out new adventures in Canada. But sometimes when all the hustle and bustle is over and you find yourself at a quiet moment, you feel a loss or have avoid that needs filling, because the Swiss in you is still there.
Why not try connecting with your heritage and traditions? Keep the languages of Switzerland alive. Singing is an excellent way to connect. Besides that it is fun there are a lot of benefits to singing in a choir. Singing produces endorphins in your body that will make you feel good and you will bring joy to others through the music. By the way you do not have to be Swiss to join us you just have to like to sing or like to try something new.
By joining us you will make friend, camaraderie, stay connected, learn new things and have fun. Yes, our music is not Hip Hop or Rock and Roll, but nobody says we cannot become a bit hipper.
The choir is not a time consuming activity but it is a commitment we practice 2 hours a week at 121 E Columbia in New Westminster and perform 4-5 times a year, sometimes out of town.
So join us try us this Fall as we have started up again on Sept. 4th you will not regret it. For more information go to

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