AGM Update

Dear members

As you know we had to cancel our 2020 AGM due to COVID-19. We are currently in “Phase 2” of BC’s re-start plan with businesses opening and outdoors spaces opening. According to “Phase 2” the health authorities encourage us to continue staying in our “bubble” and limit our social interactions as much as possible. Currently we should be limiting group gatherings outside our “bubble” to 2-6 people. “Phase 3” of the re-start will come into effect this months, and will see opening of schools and broader opening of parks. It is currently not clear what the limitations on group gatherings will be, however, we anticipate that there will still be limits in place. For further details on BC’s re-start plan, please consult the website below.

Considering the above the Board believes it will be unlikely that an AGM with in-person attendance will be possible until “Phase 4” of the re-start, which will not come into effect until a vaccine will be available. The BC Government recognizes the challenges that Societies face and have allowed for virtual meetings to conduct AGMs.

The Board of the SSV has considered some options for holding the 2020 AGM. A virtual AGM via skype or zoom would require all members to individually join using their computes, laptops or smart phones. The Board did not believe that a quorum could be achieved in a virtual meeting, as many of our members likely do not have access to a computer. It would also likely dis-proportionally exclude our Senior members. We also considered an outdoor “Landsgemeinde” style AGM, however, we would be at the mercy of the weather. Ultimately, the health and safety of our members is paramount and therefore the Board is of the opinion that it would be in the best interest of our members to cancel this year’s AGM. Not holding an AGM in one year is permitted as per Section 71 of the Society’s Act, and the Board believes this is justified given the extraordinary circumstances. All Board members have offered to serve another term in their respective positions to keep the Society operational until the next AGM, which will be scheduled March 2021. The Board is continuing to hold monthly meetings via zoom. If members have concerns, comments, or feedback they can join Board meeting virtually. Please email if you would like to speak with the Board. 

While all events (including August 1st at the SCMRA) have been canceled until further notice, we will continue to inform our members about the situation. The Board will also be including information that was supposed to be presented at this year’s AGM in the upcoming Herald editions. The Herald will include some of the following:

– President’s annual report
– Club reports
– Mt Baker Cabin Sale
– Tyrol Lodge update
– Vision for the future of the SSV

When the 2021 AGM will be held we will have several vacancies on the Board. In order for the Swiss Society to function, the following Board positions will have to be filled at the AGM. Please send us an email if you are willing to volunteer for any of the positions below.

– President
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– Event Coordinator
– Liaison (Consulate, Tyrol Lodge, SCMRA, European Festival, Chamber of Commerce, ASO, Swiss Revue, etc.)
– Social Media

We are also looking for volunteers who are willing to help organize future events, once we can resume our activities. Specifically, the following events need organizers who step up to help with making the events happen.

– Senior Luncheon (vacant)
– Jass Tournament (vacant)
– Swiss Fondue Night (vacant)
– Swiss Brunch (vacant)

We would like to thank all members for their understanding and continued support. 

Thank you, 

Board of Directors

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