Vancouver Dorfmusik

The Vancouver Dorfmusik was founded in 1983 by 3 members of the Vancouver Swiss Community to perform Swiss and European style music similar to small village bands. An inspiration was the Seldwyler Dorfmusik in Zurich that was quite popular at the time.

The first annual concert was on March 1, 1986 in Vancouver and a concert followed every year afterwards. The 20th anniversary concert in 2005 was also the occasion to release our first CD.

The Vancouver Dorfmusik has performed locally and internationally on many occasions: Vancouver Folkfest, PNE parade, Edgemont Oktoberfest, Whistler Alpine Festival, Tacoma Schwingfest, Leavenworth Autumn Festival, Vernon Swiss Society Spring Concert, Ladner Bandfest and Annual Swiss National Day Celebrations.

In 1991, The Vancouver Dorfmusik visited Switzerland and participated in its 700 Anniversary celebration. A highlight was the Canada evening at the federal crossbow shooting festival in Dallenwil.

In 1995, the Dorfmusik became a member of the ‘Interessengemeinschaft Schweizer Blaskapellen’ and became eligible to compete at its festivals. In 1998, the Vancouver Dorfmusik travelled to Switzerland, France and Germany and received a ‘sehr gut’ at the Blaskapellentreffen in Niederbipp where about 70 Blaskapellen competed.

The term ‘Blaskapelle’ needs a bit of elaboration. In Europe most villages and cities have bands ranging from small groups, brass bands to large concert bands. The Blaskapelle is a separate group and usually has not more than about 20 players. Very often, these groups are formed by assembling the good players from several villages or cities. Today there is quite a ‘Blaskapellen’ movement through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic with several top Kapellen being in the Bohemian and Moravian region of the Czech Republic.

Presently, the Vancouver Dorfmusik has about 20 players and keeps close ties with the Swiss community. However, the Dorfmusik is becoming increasingly a group of accomplished Canadian players with a variety of ethnic backgrounds who enjoy the European style ‘Blaskapellen’ playing.

For more information about the band or upcoming events please contact the president Urs Fricker at 604.274. 0802

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