Celebration of life for Beat Joehl

Dear Members, we would like to share with you information below about the Celebration of life for Beat Joehl.

Sat. November 20 at 2 pm

Riverside Calvary Chapel

8-20178. 96 Ave.


New AGM Date

Dear Members

We were not able to achieve Quorum at the AGM last Sunday, October 24. In accordance with our By-laws we had therefore to find a new date to make a second attempt to hold the AGM. 

We are calling on members to join the AGM, as we have important matters to discuss. The  second attempt to reach Quorum for the AGM will be made on Sunday, November 7. The AGM will be held again virtually via online zoom meeting. The meeting will be held from 1pm to 4pm, however, we encourage members to start logging on at 1245 so we can start verifying whether participating members are in good standing and whether Quorum has been achieved. 

We understand this date and time overlaps with the Jass Tournament, which is not ideal. However, November 7 was a date when all Board members will be able to attend the AGM. Members that have already signed up for the Jass Tournament are encouraged to participate in the Tournament.  

Please send an email to webmaster@swiss-society.org if you would like to receive the zoom login for the AGM.

2021 AGM

Dear Members

This is a reminder that our AGM will be held tomorrow Sunday. The Board is looking forward to welcoming members to discuss several important topics. Members in good standing will be able to vote. The AGM will be held via zoom from 1-4pm. You can find login information in the latest Herald below.


2020/2021 AGM

Much has happened since our last AGM was held in 2019. The Board of Directors (“BOD”) had decided to cancel the 2020 AGM due to COVID-19, which at the time had just emerged. We had hoped that the situation would improve later that year to the point where we could hold an in person meeting. We all know how things unfolded, and the BOD had decided to cancel the 2020 AGM altogether. The BOD believed that it was preferable to wait to hold an in-person meeting to allow members that may not be tech savvy to attend, rather than charge ahead with a virtual meeting.

Fast forward a year, and the pandemic is still causing disruptions. As a result, the BOD has not been able to secure a venue to hold an in-person AGM. We will therefore be holding our 2021 AGM electronically using the popular zoom video conference platform. Many of you may already be familiar with zoom through work. Zoom is easy to use and allows connecting to a meeting via video call or dial-in using a regular phone. We hope that many of our members will be able to join the virtual AGM.

We encourage members that are planning to participate to register their attendance:
RSVP your attendance by Saturday, October 23, 2021, by sending an email to membership@swiss-society.org so that we can verify that participating members are in good standing and able to vote prior to start of the meeting. If you want to attend via phone-in, you can register with Susanne Wilson by October 23 at 604-888-6949. This will allow us to start the meeting promptly and in an orderly fashion. We have allowed for a meeting of three hours this time (rather than two hours) as we have many important items to discuss.

We ask all members to carefully study the Buyout Proposal that was presented to the SSV by the TSMC. Besides discussing administrative matters, we will also look into the future during this AGM and present our vision for a thriving post-pandemic SSV. We would like to encourage our members to join the BOD as we need volunteers that help organize events.
We look forward to seeing you all at the AGM!

Board of Directors

Jassen aus Freude am Spielen

Sunday, November 7th, 2021

The Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Association and the Swiss Society of Vancouver invite everyone to a


Sunday, November 7th, 2021 at the SCMRA Chalet in Coquitlam.

Sign-in is at 12:00pm and the games begin at 1:00pm sharp.

Donations for prices are welcome.

Costs are $5 Schieber and $5 Handjass.

Kitchen & Bar will be open at the Chalet and the dinners can be purchased for $ 20.00.

Non-Jasser are welcome for dinner. Must have reservation!

Please make your reservation with Irma Bieri 604-738-8553, irmaishere@hotmail.com or

Joe Morach 604-581-7065

Help us to purchase the right amount of Food by

making dinner reservation no later than October 30, 2021

2021 AGM

As you know, due to covid our 2020 AGM was canceled and not held. We are, however, required by the BC Society’s Act to have an AGM this year, whether it be in person or virtual. 

The Board has set a tentative date for our AGM for Sunday, October 24. Details will follow soon.


Board of Directors