New AGM Date

Dear Members

We were not able to achieve Quorum at the AGM last Sunday, October 24. In accordance with our By-laws we had therefore to find a new date to make a second attempt to hold the AGM. 

We are calling on members to join the AGM, as we have important matters to discuss. The  second attempt to reach Quorum for the AGM will be made on Sunday, November 7. The AGM will be held again virtually via online zoom meeting. The meeting will be held from 1pm to 4pm, however, we encourage members to start logging on at 1245 so we can start verifying whether participating members are in good standing and whether Quorum has been achieved. 

We understand this date and time overlaps with the Jass Tournament, which is not ideal. However, November 7 was a date when all Board members will be able to attend the AGM. Members that have already signed up for the Jass Tournament are encouraged to participate in the Tournament.  

Please send an email to if you would like to receive the zoom login for the AGM.

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