Mt. Baker Cabin Sale

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce that the sale of the Mount Baker cabin was completed on December 13. The Board will present all documentation of the sale at the AGM. The AGM will also be used to initiate a discussion how the funds should be used to shape the future of the Society.

We would like to thank the builders, caretakers and visitors of the cabin for all the years of dedication that went into the house. This is an emotional moment for many and we are inviting everybody who would like to share a story about their time in the cabin at Glacier with us. If you have photos or a moment you would like to share please email Christina Lips (, our editor for the Swiss Herald. We have also received a message from the new owners, which we have included in the new edition of the Herald.

We are inviting all members to join the Board at our annual AGM on Sunday, March 15, to join the conversation about the vision for the future of the Swiss Society. Details about the AGM will be shared soon.

Your Board.

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