Auslandschweizer-Organization and Auslandschweizerrat

The Auslandschweizer-Organization (Organization of the Swiss Abroad – OSA) represents Swiss expatriates’ interests in Switzerland. It informs Swiss living abroad about what is happening in Switzerland and provides them with a wide selection of services. Its highest organ is the Council of Swiss Abroad (Ausslandschweizerrat) with 120 delegates from all over the world.

The OSA is supported by some 750 Swiss expatriates’ associations and Swiss institutions all over the world. All Swiss associations within the Consular district of Vancouver are represented in the OSA by the regional umbrella organization Presidents Conference of Swiss Societies in West-Canada with two seats on the Council of Swiss Abroad: Delegate Rolf A. Brulhart and Delegate John Bartlett. The OSA was founded in 1916 and is recognized by the authorities as the representative organ of the Fifth Switzerland. Information and advice on all types of legal, social security insurance and training matters are also provided by the OSA as well as the magazine “Swiss Review” and a wide variety of activities for young Swiss abroad. is the principle portal of the OSA…

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